Private lessons and behaviour consulting

Private lessons are given to customers that are unable to attend a Finnish speaking training class. Lessons may include different subjects as in recall, heeling and eye contact and staying down.

There are many behavioural problems that can not be treated by attending a regular training class. For special problems the best solution is to have a consultation. Consultations are held on an appointment basis. The initial consultation normally lasts 1,5 hours, ideally with all the family present. The follow up session is 1 hour. Cases for treatment include aggression, destructiveness, house-training problems, indoor marking, unwanted barking, anxiety and phobias, car travel, livestock chasing, self mutilation and general control.

A history of the problem will be taken and dog's behaviour assessed. Then the behaviourist will work to devise an individual treatment programme. This may involve several subsequent sessions. The customer will receive a full report and all the advice is given in a written form.

All the training methods are based on positive reinforcing (clicker training). Physical punishment is never used.

Private lessons:

Behaviour consulting:
220€ (two sessions 1,5 hrs and 1hr)
house calls 250€ (two sessions 1,5 hrs and 1hr) plus travelling expenses (0,57€/km)